Friday, July 1, 2011

Motive Power

With the "era" being modeled set around 1969-1976 it precludes the V/Line era, which means this one shouldn't be seen, but probably will.
Series I G class (G512) body by Aust-N-Rail , weathered and fitted with an Atlas SD24 mech and DCC.

What should get a work out will be K 184 (I decided on K184 as there is photos of it with the red lining, and I liked that look), It's a kit by Badger Bits, I wish I could've built it as well as the one pictured on Phil Badgers website. Uses a MicroAce 9600 mech and a Z2 DCC decoder in the tender.

 Series I "flat top " T class, DCC and Atlas VO-1000 mech, also by Aust-N-Rail but it seems it isn't currently available

A brass etch Y class, purchased from Aust-N-Rail but made by N Scale Australia
Currently not a runner, but will utilise a Life Like SW9 mech , Z125 decoder and a custom chassis by Spirit Design, take a look at Robs blog to see how it goes together

On top of this, a number of 4 wheeled rolling stock needs to be made and purchased, These will come from Spirit Design and Aust-N-Rail.

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