Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Close but no cigar

I've finished painting and assembling my basic station building structure, then I stumble across some more research material and realise that although I got all the colours right for my building, I did paint the doors the wrong colour, they were green, not red, should've realised.   Here is a 1987 picture of the station.  The most important thing is the toilet block, I was about to make something completely wrong, as a few years later on from this picture below, it was replaced with a more substantial version with a roof. (pic by Frank Jones)

Here is a shot I took a few months ago showing the guise I was going to build.

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  1. I was 12 when I lived in Maffra in 1987. I recall wondering over to the station as I lived nearby. Sure enough blue and gold T377 was there and the friendly driver invited my father and I into the cab. I also recall visiting the area in 1983/84 several times when I'd encounter the occasional Saturday morning goods from Stratford, usually a Y class on the point with a couple of container flats. A bogie fertiliser wagon or two would always reside in the siding near Sale road - I remember those grey and orange tarps.