Monday, October 31, 2011

Marking out the main boards

I was fortunate to have a 4 day break for Melbourne Cup.
On the Monday, I had the house to myself so decided to finally mark out the 2 x 1200x600mm foam boards with the approximate track layout.

This idea is starting to get large, 1.1mtr of bridge module, 2.4mtr of station modules and the Nestle and Milk Co-Op module (yet to be designed) will probably be 600-800mm long.

The little splotch on the boards is an N scale GY wagon.

All of the point work should arrive in the next few weeks, and now I'm tossing up on whether to use my initial idea of wire in tube for control or bite the bullet and purchase Cobalt switch machines to have electric and perhaps PC control of the points.

Added some marker lights to my Flat Top T Class with 0.3mm Fibre optic, with the headlights made from 0.8mm.

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