Monday, June 27, 2011

Starting the module

When I decided to attempt an exhibition style module, For some reason, Maffra sprang to mind, the yard is quite large for a regional area, At one stage the railway serviced Nestles, a dairy co-op, a large sugar beet factory and cattle.

My building skills are not that good, so before tackling the large yard area, I decided to build the trestle bridge section on the up side of Maffra and incorporating a section of the MacAlister river.

With the assistance of Chris Pearce and his well equipped shed, we started work on a 1100mm x 600mm module, the standout feature of this area is the long bridge spanning the river and the floodplain beyond, In the real section, Concrete was used for the piers, I decided to use wooden trestles as they were prevalent along the line, and still exist less than a kilometer from the site modeled, (and I like the look of them).

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