Sunday, April 1, 2012

More planning and purchasing

No new physical work has been done on the modules, but I have redesigned the garage to incorporate longspan shelving (similar to the racking seen in warehouses etc), which has proven great for safely storing the modules.
I've purchased the remainder of the points needed to complete Maffra, along with a USB programming module for my NCE setup, this will allow me to use a PC to program my locos, use a smart phone as a wireless controller etc, very cool.  I'm also in negotiation for yet more trees to suit the river bank of the MacAlister river module.

I think I'm set on using manual control for my points, with Bullfrog manual control currently winning out for price and suitability, while I'd love to use Tortoise or Cobalt point motors (truly I would), I just don't think my budget could handle the purchase of 20 units. Not for moment do I think that these are not worth the money, but when the difference between 20 Cobalt motors (no switches or anything else) weighing in @ $500.00 versus all the manual Bullfrogs and wire in tube control I need, plus matching panel knobs ( they do nifty single wire single crossover kits, which I can use 2 of for my double crossovers) etc kick in @ $200 delivered.

Has anyone (If anyone actually reads this blog) used Bullfrogs before, can anyone recommend them?

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