Sunday, May 13, 2012

insert update here

I haven't had too much to report of late, real life and a short vacation has been the priority, Some more trees have been ordered from Murray Bridge Trees & Terrain, some detail items and wagons from Spirit Design. I've added some fencing, I still need to glue in the bottom wires and tidy up the ends so they sit neatly, I need to find some prototypical gates as my scratch built attempts do not look right.

I still need to decide which form of point control I want to use, many have pro's and con's, I'm now leaning towards Tam Valley  R/C servo drivers, the price is quite reasonable, once I decide, the track laying for Maffra can commence.

I'm a bit nervous as Maffra will be my first attempt at laying points in about 10 years, that effort ended in failure and frustration, hopefully with the help of some Vic N scale Collective members, I'll get it right and be very happy.

I'm still spending a lot of time searching for period photos, I stumbled upon the one below, taken by Rodney Gaulke in July 1977, shows an angle I have not seen before, being colour is also fantastic.


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