Sunday, June 3, 2012

Failure can be an option

Taking my first crack at making "water".  It was suggested that a medium worth trying was automotive 2 pack clear, the hardener allowing it to dry far quicker than if it was just an acrylic automotive clear.

Now, I was really nervous that the thin shell of paint and plaster that I built up over my blue foam base, if the clear makes it past the outer layer, it will make a mess of the EPS foam.
Of course, there was a tiny section that wasn't sealed, so approx 400ml of clear has disappeared under the shell...  even worse, because it ate away the foam under the river, it caused a hollow piece, which in turn created a crack in the river bed, allowing the rest of the clear to fill underneath.

The whole idea is now pretty much a write off, I'm kind of hoping now that once the clear dries fully and seals up everything, I'll use something like Woodland Scenic EZ Water to build up depth and fix the river.  I am certainly going to use this method again for small puddles etc on my dirt roads, but in bulk, it has proven to be a bit of a disaster.

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